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restful weekend

Friday night, I picked up two friends of Critter's, and drove the three of them to a party at a house on Tates Creek in Jessamine County. They were very complimentary about my new car, pronouncing it cool. They also fit in it quite comfortably.

Then I scanned 5 boxes, no indexing.

I slept 13 hours Saturday "morning". Critter finally woke me up at 5:30 pm to take him to pick up A to spend the night. Flar made a yummy roast for dinner, and we watched a couple of weeks of Stargate. Critter has been more vocal lately about getting to church - he reminds me about going to bed in time to get up for church, and everything. ;)

Sunday, we went to church, picked up some groceries on the way home, and then Critter worked on my Treo while I finally put together Beef Enchiladas that I'd been planning for some two weeks. After we cleared out of the kitchen, Flar prepared a double recipe Pork Macaroni Italiano, to eat after the movie. Now we've got food for the week without any more cooking. Whee!

We went to see Valiant with Knight and Ro. It was a fun movie, but I apparently needed more sleep in my restful weekend, as I napped through some of the scenes. Ro's good about poking sleepers during movies. She was doing double duty, sitting between me and Knight. ;)

Macaroni Italiano uses wine in the sauce, so we drank wine with it. Full tummy, pleasant merlot, listening to Flar talk about Gaucha and her friends... it all had me drifting, so I went to bed early. Then Mom called me and nattered on and on, so I was awake until 11 before I fell asleep.

Still early enough to get out of bed before 11am anyway. Today, I'm addressing the pile that has been growing next to my keyboard: filing, receipts, bills, and miscellaneous stuff I three in it to do later. It's gotten unstably tall, so it's time to address it.
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