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Wednesday afternoon, I took Critter by to replace the battery in his mini iPod. Dad bought the Best Buy extd warranty for him, when Critter bought the mini iPod last October, because it covers batteries. The Geek at BB looked at this papers, and said he could just exchange it for a new one. The colors have changed, so now Critter has a cyber green mini iPod that matches my new car. He didn't like the new blue, never chooses pink, and has at least one friend who has the silver. The cool thing is, the price of the mini has dropped $50 since last year, so they gave Critter a $53 gift card as part of the exchange. And, the service contract is still good on the new mini.

Then we stopped at Wal-Mart for some lunch munchies. Critter spent all the cash he had at the con, so he's broke until my next payday (I gave him both weeks allowance at once). Which means getting good lunch munchies in-house for brown-bagging. I got Flar's okay, and bought a few things for my car: a trash bag and coordinating seatbelt wrap, in the tree frog pattern. The bright green in the pattern matches. :) I also replaced my phone case, since it had gone wondering.

Then I went to work for about 6 hours. Racked up the scanning, since the indexing was a little light. Finished season one of Dark Angel.

Today I got out of bed in time to shower, then drive to the bank, before meeting Spydie for lunch at Natasha's Cafe. Found a spot right in front, so she got to admire my new wheels. I admired the clothes there. I need to watch for the next super clearance, because she's got just the sort of linen shirt jackets that I've been wanting. We split a baklava while we waiting for them to fix our sandwiches, and Spydie introduced me to Jones soda. yummy.

I was a bit late picking up Tigger, but he didn't mind so much, especially when I had an unopened drink ready for him. We drove to Don Jacobs and I gave them the loan check for my car. I also took them up on the offer to detail the car for me, since it had been raining hard on Monday night. Tigger got most of his homework done while we were waiting, and I solved most of yesterday's crossword.

I had enough time at home to mark my car: clingies - poly parrot on the lower left windshield, rainbow heart on the lower right and flag up high, behind the rear view mirror; stickers - rainbow smiley face center at the base of the hatch window, flanked on either side by the Sayre School sticker, sliced in two. There's room on either side of those for me to add rainbow fish if I can find them.

There was a bit of excitement when I arrived at work. Hazel told me there was a bat in the room she was supposed to clean. I asked to look, and sure enough there it was. Grey. Hovering about 2 feet off the ground and flew out of the door as soon as we opened it to look. Tried to get out of the back door, but it was shut. I'd have let it out, but my hands were too full and I wanted to just get to work. Hazel jumped in the elevator with me to get away from the bat. I tried to reassure her that it (a) wasn't going to bite her and (b) wasn't going to fly into her, but well, she chilled in our office awhile before getting back to cleaning. By then, someone else had let it out. I think it formed an attachment to Hazel though. Later, she said it flew around her when she was outside taking trash to the dumpster.

The bulk of my work tonight was a 1200 document file to index, which I did before a rather late dinner break. Then I indexed a small file and scanned one box. I left early to be up tomorrow morning for small group. The parking lot was full, as usual on a Thursday night, and there was a note left on my windshield about Miss KY Pride '05 next Wednesday night at Club Liquid. Managed not to run over a couple of boys walking back to the clubs from the parking lot on my way out. Gave them a cheery wave.

One thing about working my end of downtown. The guys I'm most likely to meet when I leave the building aren't particularly interested in me, and the markings on my car tell them I'm worth looking out for. ;)

Now to try to go to sleep early. Always a challenge.

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