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Back to School

Tigger and Critter are both back in school now, and I can settle into a school schedule.

I haven't gotten quite enough sleep the last couple of days, but I should be able to get a full eight hours tonight.

Yesterday I had to get up early enough to take Tigger to school to meet his new teacher. Getting up in the morning makes full more hours available -- I folded two loads of towels, washed a load of work towels and two loads of rugs, washed have the remaining hand-wash dishes, cleared off the kitchen table, sorted the pile next to my keyboard, and helped Tigger finish his summer reading project. We went to Cici's for lunch to get a new pizza box, as his had gotten damaged during the sleepover. Thankfully, before he'd done his illustrations. :)

I took a two hour nap in the afternoon, and then when I got up at 4:30 to make beef enchiladas, I discovered we didn't have enough hamburger meat. Instead, I made spaghetti and meatballs and a shopping list for Sam's Club. Once dinner was ready, it was time to go to work. I dropped by Ro and Knight's to see Knight and the kittens and drive Ro around in my new car.

Then I worked 7 hours and 12 minutes with a dinner break.

My plan was to stay up late enough to fix breakfast on Tigger's first day of school, and then sleep. I caught up on LJ, caught up on a few open windows in Mail, and uploaded some pictures to my LJ scrapbook. I found myself yawning around 5:30am, but I managed to stay up somehow.

This morning, I made banana pancakes, with and without micro kisses, sausage patties, and bacon. I also had scrambled eggs. I took pictures of Tigger, ready for school, and went to bed as soon as they were out the door, without waiting for Critter to leave.

I woke up right at noon, a bit sleepy, but good for another day. I've got checks to deposit, and a letter to mail, then I can drop by and cuddle with snoozing Knight until it's time to leave for car-line. We need kibble, so Tigger and I will pick that up on the way home.

Critter wants to drop by Best Buy after school today. His idea is for me to leave half an hour early, and drop him at church on my way to work. I don't know if he arranged a ride home from church, or not.

My brother sent me email yesterday. I guess Mom told him about me getting a new car, since he commented to me about the presence of VW in China. Turns out its expected to take 12 to 18 months for Doll to get visa. Her first application was turned down. It seems that immigration visas are even harder to get than visitor visas, and that's the sort she needs now that they're married. The whole system seems upside down to me. What happened to the day where you got in for being married to an American?

Ah well. Life unfolds.

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