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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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very short update
Gotta be short - it's 4am and I have to be up at 7am.

Got felt up by professionals this am and pronounced good for another 12 mos. Since I was on a 6mo followup sched, this is particularly good new.

Picked up Knight; picked up lunch; did the crossword; called USAA for a bigger loan and to ask about the check not showing up yet. Asked for a faster check. Got Tigger started on his summer reading art project. Spent some quality time with Knight. Ran two loads of towels and put new sheets on the bed. No, we didn't use that many towels - they were from the sleepover. ;)

Bought my new car!!!!!!!!!!!! Spent more than we wanted, but a doable amount. Took ages to negotiate and then get the paperwork finished.

Got to work at 10pm; worked 5 hours.

Can't figure out how early we need to show up at school tomorrow - it's an open house, but I seem to recall a suggested schedule by alphabet. I'm going for 10am based on a fuzzy memory of a letter I can't find. If I get up at 7am, that will give me time to eat, wake Tigger, make him shower if he didn't tonight, fold the clean towels and start one or two more loads, before leaving for school.

Shopping list at school: new bumper sticker. When we get home, my plan is to sleep until time for work, or when I wake up, whichever is sooner.


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Grats! *big hugs* Now we need pictures of sexy deb in her snazzy new car ;]

I'll have to get Knight to take pictures for me. For some reason, I'm not in any of the pictures I take. :)

*chuckle* Gee I wonder why.. ;]

Congrats on the new car!!! Enjoy it, won't be long before you'll forget you spent more than you planned...well until your first payment. : )

Eh. I won't be writing checks. I've got the request in, already, to direct-deposit my paychecks to a USAA saving account. And, the loan is set up to be paid directly out of my saving account. I'm already in the habit of making arcane calculations with the paycheck to figure out how much to deposit and how much to keep. Now, I'll just be making calculations with different inputs. And, working five nights a week, I shouldn't have much difficulty making the payments. :)

A 2003 VW Beetle GLS Turbo. Cyber Green with premium leather interior that's lime green and black.

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