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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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Bubbles, then movie, then write
First, I'm off to soak and drink and eat and read.

Then, I'm taking Flar to the movies - I have spending money left, and he doesn't. We're going to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith at the Carmike.

Then I'll think about writing up a photolog of the sleepover.

For now, relaxation.

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Would you post what you think of it? I have heard very mixed reviews from my friends--everything from way too violent to steamy and definately worth seeing...

I really enjoyed it. It was playful with the contrast of married life versus paid assassin. I really laughed at both the before and after sessions with the marriage counselor.

Since they were both assassins, there is quite a lot of violence, consistent with the context.

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