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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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hiding out from the sleepover
Bday Sleepover, Sleepover
Flar's taking the meal shifts in trade for me doing pre-party, post-party cleaning and the movie shift. I'm not napping. I'm hiding in bed, with my eyes closed...

random party stat - 10 kids, one left to avoid another guest's arrival, so we're already down to 9.

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Being off-shift, a chance to be horizontal, with my eyes closed, not responsible for the various noises in the house.

*cuddles* Ahh.. sure you don't want to be responsible for some of the various noises? >;D *nibbles teasingly*

I am looking forward to a long sleep, and then a relaxing bubble bath. After which, I will begin the daunting task of washing almost every towel in the house. ;)

I see :] I second both the long sleep and bubble bath though am likely to get neither. Damnit I miss the tubs! I missed out on laundry duty this past week, so there's double the duty this week. argh. You can do it! :]

Thanks for the encouragement. I got to wake up slowly, which I prefer, and now I'm fixing bacon and eggs to go with the pancakes leftover from the breakfast that Matt fixed.

We got almost an hour of cleaning out of the remaining kids, and then Tigger declared the rest manageable on his own, so they could all go back to playing.

*chuckles* Right on Tigger! Very helpful of him - I wouldn't have likely done that when I was a kid with friends over, at least not without complaint :]

Heh, my kids are kind of used to being told, rather than asked, at times. Since the sleepovers offer hours and hours of completely unstructured time, none of the kids complain about being asked to do a little work during part of it.

(And of course, they critiqued each other, on how much work they did.)

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