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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Car Search Narrows
I didn't get enough sleep last night.

But I got to Small Group on time this morning, and I might have a lead on a home for one of Sophia's kittens.

On my way home, I called and woke up Knight, and then did some stuff at home for a bit, before going over to his house. I'm still borrowing Knight's car, which is a beautiful car, but not what I would choose to buy for myself. Heck, he found his within the budget I have -- I could choose one similar, but I'm not.

It makes me uncomfortable to drive Knight's car. Part, because I need to borrow a car until I can buy mine. Part, because it means driving a car that's not what I would choose to drive. Part, because it means I'm not in my car. The last of which is really a purely emotional statement.

Today we picked up my car at Mook's. They apparently straightened out the bent strut, which makes it safer, but more difficult to drive. Knight drove it to the house for me, and declared it done. Finished. No even a week in it, poor thing. I keep thinking I should have just let the insurance company take it when they cut the check for me, which would have been $200 more, but it would have been quick, and less painful.

On the other hand, I would haven't had it, to help with the one last furniture move it made.

I've called the family who was interested in the minivan. They found a Sienna in good condition for a fair price, so they aren't disappointed that I don't want to trade, after all.

I'm supposed to call Day's at some point, to see if they buy from individuals (Ken at Mook's thinks they only buy from insurance cos). Meanwhile, I've got a tube of glass chalk to use to paint

For Sale As-Is -- Make an Offer -- Call 887-5795

on the windows. Then Knight or Flar will move it to the front yard for me. At least it won't be on blocks. ;)

After we got my car home, we went to the bank to cash my paycheck. And I forgot to ask the teller for 10's, so I only got 50's and 20's. Which irritated me, since Tigger gets $10/wk allowance, so I need at least two 10's out of a paycheck. Instead of being mildly irritated, though, I cried. Briefly. I'm just so frustrated at knowing that we've got to wait for a closing to happen at the end of the month before I can buy a car. And now I've got to borrow a car for that amount of time, because I can't drive mine. Even a week. Or even dragging it out for only a week worth of in-between borrowing others.

My car is dead. I don't care so much about objects - but I get used to environments. My car isn't just a car, it's where I am, when I'm running around town. I sit in it in car-line. Driving is part of my job description as housewife: running errands is neck and neck with housechores for primary use of time. Having a reliable car means being able to plan trips to Clarksville on the drop of the hat. Etc.

I'm not great with change. I stayed in this car far too long, and now it's time to move on. Which means car shopping. Flar wants me to take at least a week for research. I want to already have a new car so it can be mine and I can get used to the new meaning of my car.

Yesterday, Flar and Knight and I went car shopping. I wasn't really sure what I wanted. Flar said we should plan on using the loan amount I got approved, plus the insurance check, plus he said we could put in some cash. His budget means getting to choose a car I really want, rather than just a working car. But, all I really knew when we started out shopping, was that I want to be done with big cars. Critter doesn't know about the minivan that Dad is giving him in three months, but it means I don't need to drive a minivan myself anymore.

So, we went to a lot close to home. I looked at several cars, many of which were comfortable looking, not too big looking, not too small, etc. We looked at a PT Cruiser (which Knight whispered was overpriced). And then, on a whim, we looked inside a Beetle. They're roomier than I expected. And of a style I like well enough to overlook my preference for four doors.

Right. So we decided to head toward Don Jacobs and see what other Beetles might be around.

I've fallen for her. If I get her, she might be the first car I actually name. I might even retire my SYSDEB license plate in favor of MINIKN. It's currently available.

I like bright colors. They have a 2003 orange convertible Beetle, but it was 24K. Out of my league. (Tigger wants to buy it on layaway for himself, with a five year contract, but that's just not done. ;) But, while we were sighing over the orange one, a shy little car sitting under a tree caught my eye. Granny Apple Green. Definitely a girl-car: her wheels are even green to match her paint.

Beetle Interior BackseatAnd the kicker, what truly sold me? Her interior is Black and Lime Green Leather. Yeah, I don't like leather seats, but for this color combination, I'll tolerate it. :) The first thing that went through my mind is "What would Cinder think?" Anyway, it's just too cute for words. Oh, and for the car guys, it's a turbo, has a speed-tiggered airfoil, and fairly new tires. Certified Pre-Owned, so it's got an additional two years on the factory warranty, etc. etc.

Then on the way home, we looked at an Electric Blue PT Cruiser. It's a Touring Edition. Very pretty, lots of storage, roomy interior, yet looks flashy on the outside.

I decided by the end of the trip that I was deciding between the PT Cruiser and the VW Beetle.

I spent the night, after working, looking up cars on the net. All the orange pre-owned beetles in my price range live on the west coast. (I think it is called Sunset Orange.) There was no indication that any of the cars I found had the nifty two-toned leather interiors. I have since learned it comes in two colors - the green edition, and a yellow edition. Which would I suppose end up looking like a yellow jacket on the inside.

I found many choices of purple PT Cruisers. In fact, my second favorite choice of car at this point is a purple PT Cruiser in Columbus OH that has fuzzy purple seats.

Today, I called State Farm and got informational quotes on the Beetle, the Cruiser and the Lexus (because Mommy still wanted me to look at them). The Beetle wins out on most economical insurance. Knight asked Ken at Mook's about repairs, and the Beetle and Cruiser are not troublesome or particularly expensive cars.

Anyway, when we got home the afternoon, rather than sensibly getting ready for work, I quietly let Knight and Critter talk Flar into letting me test drive the Beetle today. The first test was fitting Critter into the back, you see. :) We had to test drive the Cruiser first, for completeness. It drives beautifully. Smooth handling, smooth ride. I will be quite happy to get a purple one.

Then we went to Don Jacobs, and Flar talked them into letting me take the Green Beetle for an overnight test drive. This gave me the opportunity to drive it to work and back, drive it on Vince Road after dark, and in the morning, the hardest test of all: grocery shopping. I get to test to the storage capacity of the trunk. And, our drinks cooler is nearly empty.

If I can't grocery shop in the Beetle, then I can't get it. But, even if I can't get it, I've had one really cool car shopping experience.

I haven't driven a stick since I owned my Celica, which I sold in 1989. This car is a standard, and it makes driving fun again. Whee....

Now, to get to sleep, so I can get up in the morning and do the grocery shopping.

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don't let my distaste of lime-green leather (shudder) keep you from getting the car you really want. But I must admit, since I've only known you while you've had the van, that I have trouble picturing you in a beetle. And here's one test you didn't mention - will Flood fit into it, and what would her claws do to the seats?
Freaks me out that Critter is old enough to be getting a car soon...


I fit in the Beetle, and we're similarly sized. :-) I was surprised about the Beetle's roominess, too! And I love VW's manual transmission. That's what I've been driving!

Oh yeah, it's really really fun. :)

you're a similar size to Flood? I'd have never have guessed! Do you have the sharp claws, thought?

Ted came up with a solution: Doggie Boots. But I'd still want to put the back seat down and use terry covers on the front seats, since we're often driving them when they've gone too long before a grooming...

Right on :] Hope you enjoy it! I never really liked PT cruisers unless the colors were dark - the body just doesn't look right with bright ones.

I miss my beretta, too. Damnit I miss my t-bird, too! Both were special limited edition cars *sigh* Now I have a suburban, would gladly trade up for something more economical but that's not an option. Oh well

Best wishes for getting a new car *hugs*!

I *loves* my PT cruiser! I like the body styling. Of course, YMMV, but I think she's a sweet li'l car. :)

If I can't grocery shop in the Beetle, then I can't get it.

I can't speak for the Beetle, but my PT cruiser has *tons* of grocery space. Admittedly, I don't shop for as many people, but you can fit about 7 or 8 12-packs of soda across the width of it, never mind all the other groceries. And I love the cargo net - I've never had one before, although I know you have with your minivan. :)

I'm really unconcerned about cargo space in the PT Cruiser. I know it will be big enough any groceries runs, etc. What I was concerned about was the cargo space in the bug. I had twelve boxes of sodas, along with 15 Totinos, and a week or two of groceries, depending on whether you count meat or dairy/produce.

And they all fit! :) :) :)

Next up, getting a larger loan pre-approval, and successfully negotiating the price.

And, getting the loan check to show up. I called on Wednesday, and it still wasn't in today's mail.

Almost forgot...

I might have a lead on a home for one of Sophia's kittens.

Just so's you know, Knight is wanting to keep Hermes. I'm wanting to keep the two b&w kitties (Archer & Tucker). So it looks like we're just looking for homes for the two all-black kitties (Sirius & Squishy) and for Sophia herself.

Just, y'know, if that makes a difference in your kitten-home finding. :)

Thanks. I'll talk to her more again next Friday. Between now and then, I can refresh myself on details like when exactly they were born...

The kitties were born on July 13th. They're 5 weeks old now. :)

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