Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

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nifty things

Mail will scale pictures. Woot! A couple of meg of first day of school pictures for Mom turned into a few hundred k...

Flar's been surreptitiously doing laundry for me. I asked him to put some clothes in the dryer, and he hung them out when they were dry. He also sorted clean laundry this weekend, and did a special load for Critter last night.

He also brought me breakfast in bed Sunday morning, and he's been mixing drinks for me. I think these are his way of being nice to me while he doesn't understand why car yuck stresses me.

They've poured the concrete today, and Opman actually called me, as requested. He's okay with me not coming in tonight, and I'll be back at work tomorrow night.

Gonna make beef enchiladas and watch TiVo.. Ooh, the excitement. :)
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