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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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Up before 7 for the Feast of St. Andy's
Today is Critter's first day of school, as a sophomore at East Jessamine. Coincidentally, it is the Feast of St. Andy's of the Third Street. Both fine reasons for getting up in time to make breakfast for Critter.

For our feast, we had Apple Pie Spiced Pancakes, a waffle, cheese eggs, ham and eggs benedict. There are two extra pancakes, which I'll be using as bread for a sandwich at lunch time.

Yesterday belongs in a separate post.

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Link's coming up dead for me.



OK. I tried pasting a new version of the link. That one also broke after I hit 'post'. I've since deleted it. LJ is doing something odd with its filtering.

Let's try it ths way:


I forgot the "http://" part of the link when I wrote it, and so it was appending to the current address. Fixed the link. It should work now.

I've had two opportunities to commemorate Andy, tho' neither of them today :-)

The first was the Sunday of Narbonicon (7 August), when Hell's Kitchen had a raspberry-stuffed-french-toast.

Then this past Sunday, I was able to partake of chocolate chip pancakes with fresh whipped cream at the Original Pancake House.

Oh my, how coincidental. Flar awoke me with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast on Sunday.

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