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awake before noon again

I awoke to bills. Literally. The phone rang, and it was the bookkeeper with whom I've been playing phone tag for two weeks. We got that bill straightened out, and since that conversation got me all the way to the kitchen, I went ahead and did the rest of the pile sitting next to the keyboard.

Reconciled a couple of credit card statements and the checking account. Have an EOB that indicates I only need to pay Troi $10 a week for my portion, now that my deductible is paid. Need to get with her bookkeeper to see how far ahead I am. I'm assuming 2 visits, but it may be 4. I'll get her phone number on Thursday from Troi.

Found the shoe that was waiting to drop on Flar's ER visit in June. We've paid the ER doctors, have another bill waiting to print, and now there's a hospital bill which is quite a bit more. I need to call the hospital to set up payments, but I've decided on a quota of one bills-related phone conversation a day. *Thbbbt!*

So, the ugliest chore done before I've showered. Then I called Knight to see if he was still trapped at work, since the plan was for him to come here from work. He got off before he thought I should be awake, so my call awoke him from a nap. That should leave me time to shower before he gets here, and then we mess with cars. Fun fun.

I did tackle the fireplace clutter yesterday. It's modular, as there are stacked boxes of clutter. I processed one box into regular (old) filing, stuff for Critter, stuff for Tigger, stuff for Flar, stuff for me and trash. The stuff for me is waiting on the massage table to be put away properly. This morning, as part of reconciling the checking account, I had to look up a receipt. I found it, but think the receipts box needs better organization. I've decided to add Office Max and the Box Store to necessary errands today, since we already need new school work boxes.

Getting long term receipts storage will count as today's fireplace clutter attack.

This all makes laundry and dishes seem like a piece of cake.

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