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Back to School Shopping

I love buying office supplies, even when I don't get to be the one to use them...

We got everything on Tigger's list (except for the items he already has, that I've declared not to be in good condition), everything on Critter's list, plus ink for Flar, a notebook for Flar, 10x10 graph paper, and a nifty paper-clipping device for me, a watch for Critter, and color-coordinated Post-its and tape dispensers for the three of us. The boys are only somewhat immune to office supplies. :)

Kroger: $40; Office Max: $130; Carnival: $40; Wal-Mart: $40

Under the budget I set for myself, and in order to take advantage of coupon at Carnival, I got myself some moccasins and strappy sandals on clearance.

Oh, and I really miss using Canvas to make icons. Working on getting it back...

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