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Park Day

The day started out smoothly enough. Critter woke me at a reasonable time to drive him to school at 9am to pick up his schedule. It was once I got home and started getting ready to go to the park for the day that things started falling apart a bit. It was all little things, like decided that the bra I'd put on was chafing, and looking for a more comfortable alternative. etc. etc.

Knight was only a little late getting to the house to pick us up, but we weren't ready to go, and by the time we did leave, we left a few things behind. We picked up lunch at Taco Bell on our way, and ended up at KY Kingdom by around 3pm.

I'd been intending to see Alaska before we hit the park, but we got too late a start to think about it, and were exhausted when we were done at the park. I had trouble hearing when I called her on the phone, so that phone call felt very much like me dissing her, but not how I wanted it to be. Realistically though, I dropped the ball on it. :(

Lots of walking. Short lines. Except the Penguin thingie, which was moving so slowly we ditched it. We discussed it, and we think the reason the walking seems harder (at least on me) than at King's Island is a combination of the concrete-amplified heat, and more shade and incidental shopping opportunities along all the walking paths at King's Island.

Ro and Knight and Critter and Tigger and I rode in various combinations (not all on each, etc, but too tired to remember who rode which): SG-3000, Himalaya, Rainbow, T-2, Mile High Falls, the Roadrunner Coaster, and the drop ride. We had various drinks and snacks along the way, bought a pair of shorts to save Ro's car from Tigger's enthusiastic use of the viewing bridge for Mile High Falls, and left an hour before park-closing.

None of us were particularly hungry, so we had dinner at the Lexington end of the drive home. I'm not sure about Critter and Ro, but Tigger and I napped our way to Logan's.

Steak good.

Home now.

Finish Potter and sleep.

Tomorrow: acquire more dogfood; call the Secretary of my bowling league -- we had org. meeting today and I forgot to call her about not bowling this year; finish this week's laundry; work. Think that covers it.


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