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Saturday we started the day by cleaning the front hall. I have a large bin filled and covered with miscellaneous items I'll be putting on Ebay. Before I list them, I thought I'd put the list here¹, in case any one is interested.

After we started the day all busy and ambitious, we all spent the rest of the day in varieties of goofing off. Mine took the form of updating the look of my journal with a complete disregard for style over color. Since most people tend to read LJ in their own style, I figure it won't be too annoying. :)

After I finished on the computer, it was around 3am, and I should have gone on to bed. Still me, I picked up Order of the Phoenix with only about 200 pages to go. I crawled into bed with Flar around 5:30, virtuously not starting The Half-Blood Prince.

It shouldn't be any surprise that I overslept church Sunday morning. We were having clients over for Churrasco, so Flar went grocery shopping. He could have merely picked up the meat for the afternoon, but he was sweet enough to shop for the week for us. I'm going to be rather hopped up this week, as he bought the larger rather than the smaller bottles of my soda.

I helped with the meal by washing dishes, sweeping the jacuzzi room and kitchen floors, boiling eggs, making Bisquick Garlic-Cheese Biscuits, and prepping salad fixings. We had a very nice dinner with A and his wife, L, who brought macaroni salad, and Knight and Ro, who brought beans and rice. As is often the case, we had tons of leftover meat and fixings for meals this week. Before we ate, we walked out to the part of the pasture where A and Flar are talking about planting grapes. They have an idea to make a small vineyard along the lines of Equus.

After dinner, after putting away all the leftovers, Flar and I sat around and talked for a bit, then I took a bubble-bath while he slept, waking briefly when I came to bed. Well before midnight.

This morning, I deliberately stayed in bed, reading, after I woke up, so I'd be fresh for work tonight. I'm coming home early tonight however, as I have a morning commitment tomorrow - taking Critter to school for his schedule and locker combination. After that, Knight is going to drive the boys and I (and I hope, Ro) to KY Kingdom for the day. It sounds like we'll be able to see Alaska while we're so close, but we haven't worked out details yet.

After I got up this morning, I sorted the rest of the dirty laundry and started the first load. After a nice Dagwood Omelet, I set out with Tigger on errands out: Post Office, Sam's and Spa Gallery. I've decided that 50¢ apiece for individual Perrier bottles is not overly indulgent -- I'm really not liking the aluminum flavor imparted to sparkly water in a can. Now it's time to get all my house chores caught back up, after a relatively lazy weekend.

¹ Stuff I'll be putting on Ebay:

Wireless door bell chime - opened, tested with our door bell, decided not to use. packaging complete.

Rugrats clock - just not loud enough to wake up Tigger.

Piglet Keychain - McDonald's Happy Meal Toy, never opened.

Microseal - used, good condition, seals bags of leftovers, etc.

Miscellaneous Audio Cassette Tapes - A mix of lullabies and read-along children's stories; I'm not going to bother looking for the accompanying books, unless a friend is interested.

Apple Peeler/Corer - mounts to a tabletop and peels as you wind a handle. I honestly don't remember ever using it.

Ice Cream Maker - for children.

Inline Skates and pad sets - Children's, adjustable - One set has never been opened, the other set are used but in good condition.

Wood bench Toy - of the kind for pounding on

Hockey figures - suitable for cake decorating

Shin Guards & kicking net - children's, for soccer

Sewing Machine - used, needs repair: still sews, won't wind bobbins

Magic School Bus Collection - lots of books and activity books and simple science projects

Miscellaneous Buttons with Sayings

Electric Can Opener - Mounts under cabinet; works fine, we just decided to use manual openers

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