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Coasting; Monday; Today
Caught Up
It turns out we don't even get bills in every mail drop. I suppose if I were already in the habit of opening mail daily, I'd know this.

Just folded this week's clean laundry; sorted the boys' half of this week's dirty laundry. Washing dog bedding today; will sort our half of the dirty laundry tomorrow and wash whichever category is most full.

Just about to tackle the dishes, then I'm all caught up on chores.

Monday I went to the bank, CVS and Kroger, then did a bit around the house before going to work. I worked 7.5 hours - if I were to pull those kind of hours every weeknight, that would be some awesome extra money coming in.

I overslept this morning. Well, only by about an hour, if I recognize that I stay up a tad late reading Order of the Phoenix. It was after 4:15am when I crawled into bed, and around 1:30pm when I dragged back out. I woke very shortly around 11am to let out desperate dogs, then got trapped in an amazingly complex and detailed dream. Most of the details of course drained away, but I remember a very odd boarding house and an upsetting dinner theatre, where I missed the entertainment, which was pirate-related, and got lost.

It took less than one episode of Atlantis to fold the week's towels, sheets and clothes, so I am once again reminded of the ease of keeping up with laundry on a weekly basis.

Dishes now, then Charlie, then work. Flar made pork and bean soup over the weekend, so that's my dinner, along with yogurt and kiwis.


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