Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug


We use the phrase when we're about to Share Too Much Information. It's a warning to the squeamish, or the non-interested.

But when is information too much?

I was talking to Sydb about the national security warnings, and the possibility (probability?) that we'll start treating them like weather forecasts. Ten percent chance of terror, scattered violence. Etc.

Which leads me to create my first poll.

Poll #44366 Too Much Information

How much would you like to know about National Security Threats?

I want to hear about all threats, no matter how vague the warning.
I want to hear about threats when there are specific enough details.
I want to hear about threats that have been thwarted, after the fact.
I'd rather threats be handled completely behind the scenes - I don't want to hear about them.
Other (Answer in comments).

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