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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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Home early from work
But, not early to really do a whole lot. I entered today's bills into Quicken, caught up on LJ and email, and chatted with Ro a bit online.

A guy from DC who works in Frankfort has been chatting me up in Yahoo. So far harmless, yahoo id is deepfreez311.

Work was short tonight. Zee got in before I did, and indexed one file. There were four boxes to scan, and I scanned three of them; Zee got the other one. I scanned a little under 3000 pages, but that's all there were to work with...

Still watching SG-1, season 8. It was a little confusing to go back to it tonight, after watching 2 episodes from season 9 over the weekend. But still quite entertaining.

Gonna finish my Harry Potter book and head to bed early.