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my weekend, now cut for your pleasure. :)

Saturday, we had the in-laws over for brunch. Bébé and Scarlet are following South Beach, and she had called me for advice. I invited her over to show her how I make omelets. I also bought her a spatula and gave her one of my three pans. Matt made Salad with Meat on It to finish the meal, and Critter served some sugar free jello for dessert. It turns out that Sunday was Flar's stepbrother's birthday, so we called it an impromptu birthday celebration.

Later in the afternoon, the insurance guy from Progressive came over to look at the damage to my car. He's afraid that the combination of damage and value of my old car will work to total it, but he was going to check on used parts for me this week. Flar and I have gotten to talking about it, and have decided it's probably best to retire the old girl. The agent doesn't work on Mondays, so I'm going to call him tomorrow and discuss the logistics of totalling the car. I may be able to get a check from Progressive and still retain normal title, in which case I'll sell the car as-is before shopping for a replacement.

Mom and Dad are planning to give Dad's old minivan to Critter for his 16th birthday, so I'm leaning toward buying a small four-door instead of another minivan.

Thus replacing my car is now my "current project." Meanwhile, the house is staying pretty clean; I'm keeping up with my normal chores so they aren't getting out of hand.

After the agent left, I took Critter used book shopping for his summer reading list. Flar has asked that we try to buy them used before spending money on new books. I try to follow any budget related requests when he makes them. So we went to the Black Swan, where we found one book for Critter, and I didn't buy a $50 Tolkein.

Then we picked up T to spend the night with Tigger, dropped off film at Wal-Mart and came home.

We had chilimac for dinner, and watched Son of the Mask. It wasn't as good as the first movie, but it was entertaining. After dinner, I finally got around to making a new bookmark (my old book thong wore out), and did some reading.

Sunday, Critter and I went to church service, then I dropped him off at Bébé's to help him install Tiger. I fixed an omelet for T before his dad picked him up, then puttered around a bit catching up on chores.

Thunder and Ravyn and L and F came over to visit in the evening, while Critter and I were recording SG-1, Season 9, eps 1-2 for hippychicx and flyrod. Flar fixed sweet and sour pork and chicken for dinner. He had marinated the pork before cooking it, and it was pretty yummy even without the sauce.

Then after dinner, Flar and Critter and Tigger and I went to Ro and Knight's to watch movies. We watched The Final Countdown and Five Children and It and I got to play with the kitties.

Today I slept until noon, then took Critter back to Bébé's after breakfast. Today, he's helping him install iLife and possibly Quicken. On the way home, I worked out for the first time in I don't know how long. I didn't count laps, and I barely swam the whole 30 minutes that I promised myself, but I actually swam, so that counts for something.

Now I'm doing some laundry, catching up online, and waiting for the mail to come so I can update quicken. I'm working tonight, but I don't know how much there will be to do.

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