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Early night - late night

I didn't post last night, as I came home from work early and spent the evening with Flar instead of online. That is, drowsing in a chair listening to him tell me about his vacation -- until he noticed I was dropping off and suggested that we both head to bed.

Yesterday I got up at noon, paid the first mortgage and had lunch with spydielives. At home, I got the laundry folded and put away (except that Tigger still hasn't carried his basket upstairs), and went to work to find no scanning and only one smallish queue to index.

It was just as well that I didn't have a lot of work last night, as I was getting up early this morning for small group at 9:30. After that, I picked up my paycheck and found out there wouldn't be scanning tonight either, and just one queue to index. So I called Zee and told her I could handle the load tonight. I would have been done by 10, if Opman had been right about how many queues would be ready to index. The other queue took the rest of the night.

I organized coupons today, and did a grocery run for the boys. We're now all stocked up.

The lady who hit my car in the parking lot last week called me today with the insurance information, and the agent is coming out to look at my car tomorrow afternoon. Before that, my in-laws are coming over for brunch. They've gone on South Beach, and she called me for advice last week. I'm going to show her my technique for making omelets, and I've bought her a spatula. (If she doesn't have a decent omelet pan, I'm going to give her one of mine, since I have three now.) Flar's going to make salad, with meat on it, as we like to call it now. ;)

Keeping up with the mail, but Flar's not really getting after the boys properly in the evenings to do their share. So we'll have to do dishes and clear the counters in the morning before we can entertain in the kitchen. He also forgot about trash and recycling last night, but fortunately I was up in time this morning to put them out myself.

Not much else going on.

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