Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

On being a companion

I think the most telling feature is that my life can be quite adequately described now, through the eyes of those I accompany.

My last entry was Sunday. But my days have been described by others already.

Yesterday was my first bit of time on my own in a while, and it can be summed up: I sorted mail, ran errands, bowled, visited Barbar, visited Ro and Knight and then went home.

I've been getting an adequate amount of sleep -- except for last night, when I foolishly dec ided to read before turning out the light. Luckily for me, Flood didn't wake me until 7am.

I've been appreciating being able to stay with Sydb. I've really liked being there to do the little stuff, like get her more water, or accompany her on window-shopping trips.

Yesterday, I must have taken 2 hours to get ready to leave. I wanted to not feel rushed. I wanted to feel like I was prepared to leave here quickly, should Roo decide to arrive while I'm at this end of the 1.5 hour drive.

When I arrived home yesterday, I met the lawnmowers, leaving. They were going to mow, but it looked like we might get a thunderstorm (it ended up not coming our direction), so they're coming back on Friday.

In the mail, there was a client check, so I added the bank to my list of errands. There was also a set of forms I need to fill out for Blue Cross, which I'll tackle today.

I picked up medicine, bought make-up postage for all of our old stamps, went bowling, then visited Barbar. Bébé says she's stronger today, bu t she looks very, very frail. She seemed to really appreciate that I was there. I told her stories about Sydb's pregnancy to entertain her. I left the hospital at 10, then headed to Ro and Knight's to visit them awhile. We watched Jimmy Neutron and sa t and talked.

I'm going to try to call Flar today. I'll be going to MIIB with Knight from 12:40 to 2:00, and either visiting Barbar again before the movie or after it, depending on how she's feeling earlier, and other than getting my allergy shot, whi ch I forgot about yesterday, I plan on being home until it's time to leave at 6:30 to drive to Wilmore for the obedience class. That being on the way to Louisville, I'll then drive home.

Unless Sydb goes into labor, of course; she's got a doctor's appoi ntment early in the morning. We've made all sort of plans about when to use text messages -- like when I'm in the movie -- etc.

So, here at home: find a few more things I want to take back to Louisville, post bills, sort through the newspapers, and cop y various files from the desktop to a CD to read into the laptop.

Gotta find a catchy physicist name for the laptop.

I can't remember if that really funny guy who participated on the Challenger review board was a mathematician or a physicist.

But the n, my old laptops were named after the two guys who build the first telegraph. Hmm, maybe the holder of the first patent on the telegraph?

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