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Another productive day

Flar got me out of bed at noon, as per request. Which gave me enough time to shower and roust the boys for the matinee showing of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Flar went with us, as today was mostly a phone-call sort of day. He made two calls in the car, on the way to the theatre.

The movie was quite good, and having read the book yesterday, I can say that it was rather close indeed. They rearranged the order of the fake ticket (as was done in Willy, made Wonka more sinister than I find him in the text (as was done in Willy, added the entire plot line of Wonka, DDS, and twisted the end up a bit, but not in an unsatisfactory manner.

After the movie, I had time to open today's mail, make some of the phone calls in my queue, read the paper, read the first four chapters of Charlie to Tigger (Critter bowed out, having just read it himself), fixed my dinner, and left for work. On the way to work, I dropped off Flar's laundry to be ready on Friday.

Tonight, I was prepared to scan from 6:30 pm to 3 am. Instead, I had indexing to do which took me to 9:15 pm, and then used up all the boxes intended for our shift before 2 am. Zee left around 12:30 am. Between the two of us, we scanned about 7,000 pages, short of Opman's goal, but that will probably pick up as the prep people get more experience (and therefore speed). I've only three episodes of Galactica left, so I need to get the missing episodes of SG-1 from Knight before I work tomorrow night.

Now that I can access the internet from my phone, I can keep up with LJ on dinner break. I'll do planning for tomorrow, move the laundry around, read a little HP over milk and cookies to digest my meds, then turn in.

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