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Vacation's over

I know, I've been wearing my watch all month, but now that Flar's home, no more sleeping into the afternoon for me.

Actually, I was planning to get up 8:45 this morning, but fortunately for me, I'd printed out today's schedule for Flar, and he noticed that I had a 10:15 appointment. He asked me about it at 9:45, when I was still sleeping in...

I got to Caroline's office (5 minutes late) just as she was calling me to check on where I was. Seems I've never ever been late to her office before, and she had me pegged as someone who gets places on time. You who know me may now laugh. ;)

Anyway, got down in plenty of time to get to work on-time - clocked in at exactly 11:30 am for training. The new scanner's much easier to use that the one I used in the past; the job is a pretty straight-forward feed the pages, check for duplex, etc. It's actually even MORE of a DVD-watching job, as it's a bit too noisy for chitchat, and I'm doing less details with my hands/eyes than when indexing. And, since Opman would be happy if I'd pull 8 hour shifts, DVDs will be rather important to keeping me alert/awake.

I'm starting tomorrow night with the new five-day, 8-hour shift: 6:30pm - 3am. The heavy volume should last until November, and then I'll go back to three day weeks. Opman is also still okay with me needing a night off here and there for school, etc.

Then I went by Sam's and stocked up on essentials, like water and chicken and ramen. Also got a couple more of the camisoles that I'm living in during the summer, and a new silk shirt, of the variety I'm wearing over camisoles to work.

I'm going to do this week's laundry today, and I have a bunch of phone calls I need to make. It's kind of nice to be working from "caught up" rather than "once again fallen behind."

Reading HP and Charlie at the same time, and still have a chapter of Five Children to go. Gonna read Charlie aloud next. First the Chocolate Factory, then the Great Glass Elevator. I don't wanna see the movie before I finish the book, but Tigger might be willing, so I don't know whether we're waiting for the matinee after I finish reading to myself or aloud.

Watching Battlestar right now. I didn't realize that the official episode order started out in such confusion. I'm glad I watched the miniseries before I watched the series real-time. Watching it over, it's not as confusing.

Bebop just started over, and I'm watching that at home during chores. Critter accidentally deleted the second episode, but I'm pretty sure I'd already seen it.

Summer is good.

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