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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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G: I'm a new girlfiend. :)
B: My car has an owie
G: The other driver has good insurance
B: mmm, can't think of anything else, really
G: Got a new copy of Charlie
B: Nope, still comin' up blank
G: SciFi Friday is back

Ordered-in Chinese to watch SciFi Friday with Knight and Ro on the big screen.

Life is Good

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Yay for Scifi Friday!! :-)

A new GirlFIEND, huh? Hmmm... ;)

Hee hee. They know what they're getting into. ;)

have I missed the details on "I'm a new girlfriend"?

Oh, I was supposed to supply details?

Hee hee.

it's enough to know that you're having more G's than B's :)

Re: you don't *hafta*


And, I forgot to mention petting kittens in the list of Gs.

Anyway, I'm a new girlfriend to cougarpants and tigerknight, They like me, they really like me! :)

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