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Early Start to a Long Day

Okay, so I cheated. I didn't actually go to bed. But, by the time I got home from work, chatted with my sweetness, wrote a gabby letter to Tiger and Cougar, and balanced the checkbook, it made little sense to sleep. So I caught up on a few days' worth of LJ.

I've now progressed, in updating Quicken, to the post bills stage. Right now, there's money in the account, and more will come in before I send any out manually.

I've been sleeping, working, and supervising the busy bees I call my boys. They've been progressing on getting the house in shipshape before Daddy arrives back home.

I zipped over to Clarksville for a short visit on Tuesday, and since my trip was to include a short side-trip to buy a game, they practically pushed me out the door. I got to hang with Sweetness for a few hours, including some driving, and some TV watching and snuggling.

I stopped by Knight's on the way back, and we have decided on our Voucher Vacation. This is to say, the vacation we have to take before the end of November because we got vouchers from Continental last year. We're flying to San Juan, and taking a cruise of the southern Caribbean, including Aruba. I don't remember all the stops, but the dates are Oct. 9 through 16. And no, the vouchers aren't paying for the cruise, just a portion of the flights.

Flar called this afternoon from Cannes.

So, what has me up so early, when I've been sleeping past noon all week? I'm starting Small Group at Quest today. Got to be there at 9:15; want to shower and eat breakfast before I go. Need to call the office, to find out which Trumps for lunch. I was going to meet at the office and ride with others, but Small Groups lasts until we'd be leaving downtown, so I'll meet them. Then I thought to check Google -- there are three Trumps in town.

Why lunch? Source has signed a new client, and we're to celebrate, and maybe even find out more about said client. Once we've got the back-file in house, Opman wants me to work 5 days a week to help with the volume. He's trying to avoid hiring on anyone new. It'll mean more money, less time. We'll see how long I can hold up, working more hours.

After that, I'll go home and pick up the boys (or, at least Critter). Errands so far include:
  • Bank - deposit a check for Flar
  • Lowe's - pick up light bulbs, and a tabletop for Critter
  • Joseph Beth - pick up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a therapy workbook
  • Office Max - pick up a 3-ring file folder for the new bank statement format
  • Incredipet - pick up kibble
  • Another errand Critter couldn't remember last night

And now to hit the shower.

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