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Monday, briefly

All the clothes are clean. The boys have folded and put away theirs, mine are either hanging in my closet, hanging to dry, or waiting to be folded. Laundry remaining is towels and sheets -- as they come off the beds being made this week.

We have begun our 7 day scheme to have the house cleaner than Daddy left it. Bwa-ha-ha!

The kitchen sinks are both clean, waiting for me to do handwash in the morning.

Tigger has only two boxes remaining to empty in his room, and cleaned the pantry floor and a bathroom floor tonight. Critter's room is clean.

Tomorrow, we all tackle the playroom, me mostly supervising, while cleaning the sinks and toilets in the two bathrooms.

I've still lots of paperwork left to process, but I've made progress.

Work was short tonight, allowing me to make further progress on the paperwork, and still get to bed early enough to be functional before noon tomorrow.

Knight helped me drop off Flar's car at Powers today, to see why the taillights don't work. Unfortunately, because it needs a replacement sensor module which runs $200, and costs $100 to install. I'm rounding. I had them park it with the keys in it, and Knight just now drove me back to pick it up, then followed me home (behind my taillight-less car). I'll get Matt to decide what to do about it when he gets back.

Off to read some JK Rowling now. Gonna re-read the first five before my turn at the sixth.
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