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Moderately less lazy day

I ended up getting up early enough to be able to drive to the 1pm lunch (a feat, considering how late I slept in yesterday), but I decided it was more important to stay home and work on the laundry and paperwork.

I've gotten three loads washed, two dried, and will be putting another in the washer/dryer before bed.

I made a batch of brownies and yummy guacamole to bring over for the dinner that Knight and Ro were providing. He made Frito Pie and she made Corn Muffins and Salad -- served buffet style, with lots of tasty toppings to add. I had a nice big salad, two helpings of Frito pie, and one corn muffin. Later we had watermelon and brownies.

Yummmm. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean, then the tail end of a stand-up comic. Christopher Titus, I think.

Before we drove home, we picked up clorox and a few other groceries. Tomorrow, I'll finish the laundry and continue slogging through the paperwork. I found the bank statement I'd been looking for, and a bunch of other stuff that Flar had up on his desk. This should be interesting.

I procrastinated on the bills by cleaning off the computer desk. I also stayed caught up on LJ, and looked up info about some stuff about my Treo. I've added an upgrade to Quicktime Pro to my list of frivolous purchases, as money becomes available. Seems my recorder saves sounds in .amr files, and the caller-specific ringtones only support .mid files. Quicktime Pro will convert between file types. The clock and calendar functions support .amr, however, so meantime I'm giving some thought as to what I'd like them to say. And thinking about which regular-frequency reminders to move to the Clock function, off of the calendar function. ;)

Tomorrow morning, Knight is meeting me at Powers to drop off Flar's car, to get the taillights diagnosed. The user-accessible fuses are just fine, tvm, and Power's diagnostic fee is $0. Then we go the bank for I believe it's still an unbroken string of business day visits, since Flar left town. Then I go back to working on Laundry and Bills until time to read Five Children and It, then leave for work.

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