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Or, I could just sleep all day

I didn't sort mail or update Quicken today.

I didn't sort or start laundry today.

I didn't bake brownies today.

I got out of bed around 4pm. I don't remember when I woke up, as I decided to lay about in bed reading, rather than get up right away. When I got up, I continued reading, and drew a bath.

I got out of the bath at 6:30pm. Just enough time to make it to my evening event, but not enough time to bake brownie. Good thing I'd gotten Roo's gift together the night before. I dropped off her present and Debbie's card, and I picked up Starmaiden. We were only 20 minutes late, but they hadn't started the class yet.

Fire Play class. oooh. Play party. funnn. Nothing more specific to say, as per party rules. :)

It was fun seeing people I know. It was fun being playful.

Tomorrow I really need to get some work done around the house, though.

Bed now. Sleep, then work.

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