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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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My week
I didn't get enough sleep last night, but I'm not sure that's reason enough to be cranky. :(

Working backwards:

knightaudit and roina_arwen took us out to dinner and a movie and dessert tonight. We ate at Cosi before seeing Fantastic Four at the Regal, then we went back for S'mores.

Today I put together Roo's present. As is often the case, the reality of the project was not the imagining, but I think she will like it.

This afternoon, I picked up a check for Flar and deposited it. Monday, I'll deposit the consequent check to the personal account, then click-to-pay some money to the credit card Flar is using to check in to Cannes on Tuesday.

I've got all the mail sorted, but haven't located the statement pages out of the checking account statement (I've found the envelope of canceled checks and deposit slips, sans statement -- which Flar no doubt used while I was gone). Tomorrow I have to tackle that, as well as getting the laundry started. Perhaps by the end of the weekend, I can have a plan of attack for the week.

hippychicx is getting home on Monday. I don't work on Tuesday, so I could drive there then, but I've no idea if that would be too soon for company.

Yesterday, I got home from work early, but pissed away the extra time, and stayed up far too late. Thus, not enough sleep this morning. Don't watch out, I'll be headed that way tonight.

I've a goal of getting to work "on time" during the summer, which is 5:30pm. So far, I've gotten in at 5:20 and 5:38. Not too shabby. Wednesday night, I worked 7 hours 40 minutes. Thursday made up for it, though.

Aside from going to the bank everyday, and running various other errands, I saw Caroline on Tuesday, and had lunch with spydielives yesterday. Critter has watched 53 hours of SciFi channel marathon programming, while burning DVDs for me. Knight is going to supply me with the episodes that they left out, so that I can watch BG season 1, SG-1 season 8 and Atlantis season 1 at work. Right now, I'm watching Due South.

Zee's mother died while I was away on vacation -- actually, right before Memorial Day. I haven't seen her yet, as she called in on Wednesday, and there wasn't enough work to share last night.

This is getting rambly.

Tomorrow I need to make brownies for an event in the evening, and tackle bills and laundry. At least I know there's money -- it's just a mass of receipts and statements to enter.

hmm, does any one know the provenance of a yellow plastic ring that's on my computer desk? It's the kind that holds a captured bead - could be body piercing jewelry on simple earring?

Need sleep. Need clean house. Need clear head. Brain, brain, what is brain?

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Brain, brain, what is brain?

Boy that sounds familiar right now.. reminds me of Lord of the Fries (cheapo silly game): 'I need to go to work, pass me the brain'

I see you got your bowl and little ziploc container off the kitchen table, but darnit, you left the Taro Pancake mix again! :)

Will gladly trade pancake mix for battered waffle iron and red wok. :)

Oh nuts! I forgot to bring them over today. I'll try to remember them when we come over for dinner. Knight suggested 6pm.


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