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After all, it is technically a holiday weekend

I did get one suitcase unpacked. But I haven't tackled either the mail or the laundry yet.

My excuse is the dreadful sinus headache I was battling for most of the day. Which I've licked via sudafed, guaifenesin. diphenhydramine and ibuprofin. Now that I've whiled the day away on a Good Book™, my headache has deserted me, but left a dry mouth to stand guard.

Think I'll empty another suitcase, and good to bed early.

The dogs have had a lazy day, as well. They spend a good deal of it laying about, either inside near me, or outside in the sun. Flar mentioned increased interesting wildlife starting at dusk, so I took care to end their last outside stint before it got dark.

Flood hasn't thumped the back door once since I got home. I wonder if the accident and consequent convalescence took the thump out of her?

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