Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Awake for the day

Critter had it right yesterday: vacation is when we get to do nothing. Summer is when we get to do nothing after we feed the dogs.

Flood is helping me with my goal of not oversleeping, now that I'm home. In bed by 12:45, I kept my alarm for 9am, and turned off the light shortly after 1am. Louis was on the radio giving advice about lilies, and I was picking brown-eyed susans in my dreams, when Flood starting up with the "I'm desperate to pee" barking. She settled down on the couch with me a bit after her first out, but then actually went to the door and whined to go out. Understand, the scotties have *never* figured out this much about manipulating the humans in their house. ;)

All three dogs are outside now, investigating Important Smells™. I've breakfasted on Golden Crisp, read my email, caught up on LJ, and now I get to figure out how to spend my day.

My trip to the doctor's office to get a shot was unsuccessful yesterday. On their books, it's been 5 weeks since my last shot, which means I need paperwork from my allergist before they'll do it at the doctor's office. My last shot was actually on the 7th, which makes this 3 and half weeks and counting. The plan was for my mom's nurse friend to teach me to give myself my shots, but Mom needed a 'scrip for needles from her doctor friend, which she never got around to getting for me. Her home-care friend got hold of one needle to give the one shot that I got on the 7th. And my allergies have been kicking back in since Orlando.

The point is that I can't sleep in, because the longer I sleep, the more PND I seem to accumulate. Now that I've been up awhile, I feel the congestion in my ear, but my throat feels fine.

Which leaves me to figure out Useful Occupations for My Time™.

I think I'll start with the unpacking that I haven't done yet.

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