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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Vacation is officially over.
I put my watch on. ;)

OOH, X-Journal has a tags field now.

Last night, Ro and Knight treated Critter and Starmaiden and She_ and me to War of the Worlds. Tigger opted out, thinking that it would be too scary. He was right, it was very scary. After the movie, Critter went home with Knight, and I went grocery shopping with Starmaiden and She_. We now have milk and eggs and cheese and veggies. You know, the essentials. ;)

I'm three weeks away from my last allergy shot, and we haven't upacked the claritin yet. Which means that I arrived home completely unprepared for my vaguely mildew-y car, and my house full of dogs. And, what's up with Flar leaving a pillow case off of one of my pillows? Weird.

Flar left the house quite "straight" but not exactly "clean." I'm going to get Tigger to tackle the floors one by one, after T goes home. I've a list of errands-out today, so I may not have energy to unpack tonight. Also need to sort mail and do laundry. But I did get up, shortly after 8 hours of sleep, and fixed breakfast. Go me.

Argh. Knight's phone is dead/dying, and now his home phone is not behaving. *waves* Knight, I'm awake!! Oh wait, his cell phone does work.

Flar left me a strict budget to follow, and didn't deposit my checks: I gave him my certified check from the last of the Granny money to go toward our train vacation expenses. I'll deposit that today. He couldn't deposit my Phase II check; it needs my signature. I'll deposit it and count that toward what I spent on my new phone. (Mom and Dad paid for half of it.) I'm making up the rest from Christmas money, since I was planning to buy myself something spiffy out of the Christmas money.

I pick up a paycheck (only half a week) today, and a check for Flar. He left deposit slips and matching checks for all the client checks he's expecting while he's away.

Time for errands now.

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Welcome home :] Always nice to hit the ground running rather than trip up and have things go horribly out of control for the initial period.

It helps to have a holiday weekend before going back to work. :)

Welcome home....and it was so great to spend time with you again. :-)

I did the pillow case thing, I washed the sheets before I left but one pillow case was still wet when I had to go, I figured Flar would see it/check the dryer...and I didn't get a chance to tell him either :s sorry about that

Ah. That makes sense. Thanks for letting me know.


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