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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Almost Home
Packing up to leave tomorrow at checkout time and get back to DC to catch the last leg of our train trip home.

disheveledhair: I'll call around 2am to verify our arrival time with you -- wait until then to leave the house, so you won't be waiting around too long at the station. :)

We all decided that the vacation has lasted about 3 days too long. Last night, we visited a local friend and his wife, who I hadn't met before this. They dropped us off at the metro, and then we headed back to the other side of DC, where our hotel is. We had a bit of a challenge when we arrived and found that the taxis don't run to the metro around here after 8pm. But we managed to catch a bus that ran close, and got picked up by a taxi when we were within a few blocks of the hotel.

Critter promised me the adventure of getting lost. I don't think I'll either (a) educate him about general crime statistics in the various DC suburbs or (b) find out for myself which kind of suburb Oxon Hill is. ;) I'm satisfied with making it home safely, albeit after midnight.

We then all decided that while Six Flags is fun, sleeping in would be even more fun, and we spent out last day just hanging out at the hotel.

My phone has decided that it doesn't like Documents to Go; my next step, since hard reset and full re-install didn't work, is to uninstall Documents to Go and re-install it. Since I sent the CD home with Flar, I'll wait until I'm back home to work on that.

For now, packing, writing postcards, writing in our vacation journal, and sleeping are on the remaining vacation agenda.

Once we're home on Thursday, we'll be taking Flar to the airport in Louisville, so we're talking about a half-day at Kentucky Kingdom before we come back home.

Then a nice long weekend before I start back to work after the 4th.