Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Evening at the park

She_ called from the vet when she was picking up Flood. The after-hours clinic wanted her checked over by our vet, so Flar dropped her off in the morning, then She_ picked her up when she was ready to go home.

She_ told me that Flood was wagging her tail/body and very happy to see her. Knight told me that she is very sore, but apparent not too sore to greet with a wag. :) Her eyes are dilated, indicating brain trauma. The vet expects that to go away naturally. Otherwise, she is well but sore.

Critter's phone came, and we got it activated. He still needs to fiddle with the blue tooth to get it all working with the headset and for i-sync and stuff. Then we went out to dinner at I-Hop, and Mom and Dad dropped us at Fiesta Texas.

We got there 15 minutes before they shut down the water park, so Tigger got 15 minutes in the lazy river, while Critter bought a drink to share with me, then played with his phone, and I read my book.

Then Tigger and I rode a water ride twice, and Critter and I rode a wooden coaster. It was too bumpy for my taste, but I survived sans headache. After that, it wasn't hard to convince the boys to find a spot on the hill-side to wait for the lightshow to begin. We only had about 20 minutes to wait. The lightshow is a combination of fireworks, laser drawings and projected pictures, on top of, and on the face of, the sheer rock wall on one side of the quarry that was there before the park was built.

We bought a picture for Mom and Dad to thank them for transport, which can be seen here, by viewing picture number 7039. We didn't buy picture number 7038.

Tigger bought a green light saber-ish toy, and I bought a nifty voice-activated purple wand.

Twas a fun evening at the park, and tomorrow I get to wait around for MY phone. And then drive to Austin on Wednesday.

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