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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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More Prayers Please
Flar's much better, but Flood's in ICU: she got hit by a car.

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Damn....I'm so sorry. Good thoughts and prayers on the way.



Definitely sending all that good stuff that I can send. Are you okay, honey?

Thank you for letting me babble on the phone last night. I'm doing okay today.

We hung around with Flar in the waiting room until 12:30, when Knight had to leave to get ready for work. I think they're keeping Flood there for the weekend. Hopefully she'll be okay.

Knight said you should stop going to Texas during summer vacation. : /

He just says that because he wants me home. ;)

I think when we leave Matt home alone, we should give him a break from the dogs and board them at the Pet Resort.

Everything they've told me so far has been pretty positive. She's recovering well, and will probably get to go home tomorrow.

Lots of healing thoughts. Poor girl!

oh honey I just read!

*major hugs*

Flood is such a great dog, I hope everything is ok.

Thank you.

It's easier to write stuff like that from my phone, and just not be online at all, so I just got online myself.

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