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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Wanted - an otter stamp
I finally remembered to mention this to Sydb, but to anyone else who reads my journal, and shops for stamps...

I'd be very interested in acquiring an otter stamp.

Critter's favorite teacher (aka the cute [and monogamously married chess coach]) loves otters, and he gives out fuzzy stickers for good grades. Currently, he uses fuzzy ducks, because he can't find fuzzy otters. If I can find the stamp, I can then buy Stampin' Up supplies that will enable me to make him fuzzy stickers. Which would be so cool.

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I checked both Michael's and The Chocolate Scrapbook...neither had one. However, mom says that Dee's has an even bigger selection of stamps than most of the scrapbook stores, and there's still one scrapbook store I've never been in. So, if Roo's not here on Thursday, maybe we can hit Dee's and the scrapbook store. :) Or, maybe on Wednesday afternoon, depending on how long it is at the doctor's office. Most of the scrapbook stores close by 5 or 6pm, and I don't know how late Dee's stays open.

Are you talking about a sea otter? I did a google search (too much down time at work) and found this

Hope that's what you wanted :)

Oooh oooh, that one is really cool!

It's got all sorts of animals that I'd like to have stamps for...

Thank you!!!


Thanks for pointing me in that direction. It has a lot of details; I wonder how well it will do as a fuzzy stamp?

But at least I have an actual choice, now. :)≤

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