Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

lazy day

no real news. Flar sounds better on the phone. He had enough energy today to work (from home) and gather up the trash for pickup in the morning.

Flar says that Flood is sulking - she just sits in her crate.

We started a Rail Baron game on Tuesday, and we've been playing it an hour or two at a time. Tigger is ahead by money and rail; I seem to have a slight advantage over Critter at the moment.

Tigger is old enough to go to the pool by himself, so he did that today. He has a waterproof watch, so we just told him to come home by 6. He came home and discovered that I'd dumped all his underwear in the laundry -- I couldn't tell clean from dirty in his duffle, because he doesn't fold them. He didn't complain though -- he took a pair of clean out of the washer, and dried them by themselves, since that takes less time. Then he came and informed me of what he'd had to do -- less whining than commenting. We talked about it, and agreed that I'd only wash clothes from the hamper. And honestly, there were NOT clothes strewn all over the floor. He's making for a relatively neat roommate.

Anyway, Mom and I got all the whites and colors washed for the boys and I today. We'll run them again right before we leave.

Critter got on the phone with Apple today, to debug his Airport Express. He'd done something to the settings which required a hardware reset and then other settings to be made. Now it's all fixed up to be a wireless router for us in Orlando. Right now, he's got it plugged into the dining room. That's closer to his bedroom, so he's got a better wireless signal back there.

Dinner tonight was at Texas Land and Cattle Company. I had sirloin with a cabernet peppercorn sauce that was as tender as filet. They also had a lengthy list of side dishes, including chili-cheese enchiladas. I was surprised that I polished off my whole plate after a bowl of steak soup and bit of bread. Then Mom and her friend and I split a Jack Daniel's pie that was kind of like derby pie, but with sort of crustier sugar, if that makes sense? Very yummy.

Mom just commented about how all of us are in the family room -- N and I on computers, and Mom and Dad and S watching a b-ball game. Hey, there's technically another computer free for the taking, if someone else wanted to be online. ;)

Anyway, lazy day on land.

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