Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Back on land

We arrived in San Antonio around 12:30am this morning. A couple of hours late, for those keeping tabs on Amtrak..

Mom was already at the station, even though she got turned around getting off the freeway. We waited around a bit for our checked baggage, and settled in to bed shortly after getting home.

I was awakened to Flar letting me know that he has been released from the hospital, and that none of the tests that the hospital ran showed anything scary. He's on antibiotics for the pneumonia, and working from home today. He sounded MUCH better than he did last night, even though last night he sounded much less scary than the news that he was in the hospital, in the first place. If that makes any sense.

I slept over 12 hours, not counting waking up for phone calls and the like. I feel all fresh now, after showering and having cereal for breakfast. Critter has eaten twice today, and just ordered pizza, so I've no worries about a protein-free breakfast necessitating food again soon. ;) Tigger is still asleep.

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