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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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(no subject)
Flar is in the ER with "atypical" pneumonia. Knight is with him. Prayers and such would be appreciated.

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*Hugs* Did they admit him to the hospital? I had to go to bed before I found out.

They kept him overnight for tests and released him this morning.


Well wishes going your (plural) way...

Thank you. He is home now, and sounds in good condition. He had a meeting in Louisville today that he has rescheduled as a teleconference, and plans to work from home, in bed.

Keep us informed and I send al lthe love and support I can.

Thank you. He is home now, and sounds in good condition.

Prayers on the way.....


Yipes! Sending prayers his way. Please let us know what's happening.

Thank you. He was released this morning, and is working from home today. He sounded better on the phone, but he still has pain on breathing.

What does "atypical" mean vs typical? Will he be okay w/meds? Prayers sent your way.

Thank you.

He apparently didn't have all the usual symptoms. For instance, his x-ray didn't show pneumonia. But, none of the tests they ran showed anything else scary, so they sent him home with antibiotics, and he is to contact his doctor if he doesn't show steady improvement.


I will certainly be sending good thoughts his way. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help while I am still in town.

If you'd like to phone him to check up on him during the day, I'm sure he would appreciate the well wishes.

He is working from home today, and sounds better. It seems likely that he will see positive results from the antibiotics.

OMG...I hope he's going to be okay...

Thank you.

He seems to be much better, over the phone. He is working from home today, and will be calling me tonight with an update.


Call me if you need me.

Thank you. :)

It helps muchly to know that you're there.

He sounds much better today, and will be staying in bed (propped up) as much as possible today, to rest while he's working.

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