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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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What goes around comes again
Summer Vacation Pitstop One: LA

Turnip just left, and I'm still a little high. It's taken quite an interesting route to get to where we are, but I like it.

Feeling quite the grown-up right now. Oddly, Turnip brings that out in me.

Ate noodles with Lothie and family tonight. Very enjoyable company, very yummy food. Bun is an absolute angel. I loved hearing old stories on Turnip from Lothie. And Chris is the cutie I was expecting. Tigger was totally hyper -- I'm really not sure what was up with him, but once he had ramen in front of him, he settled down and devoured one and a half bowls of it.

We only spent four hours at Magic Mountain, including the tram rides to and from the car, but my feet were grateful that we had a reason to leave when we did. Besides getting back to the hotel in time for Turnip to take us to dinner, we had a list of assorted items we'd thought up while on the train. Critter spotted a Wal-Mart on the way back from Santa Clarita, and we got back in time for me to shower before dinner.

Turns out there *are* rental car agencies in the train station (no real surprise), but I think it's for the best that we rented with Sakuro -- the return time is much more reasonable in the morning this way.

We arrived into LA on-time, courtesy the slack they build into the schedule after the penultimate stop. After we got our checked bags, we taxied to the hotel, left our bags with the bellman, and walked to the car rental place. It was right by a bank, which gave me an opportunity to get more cash. That is, after talking to Flar and determining how much would be okay to last until San Antonio.

I'm keeping a written journal of the train trip, and will probably not get around to transcribing the whole thing. Leg one was characterized by my first round of postcards: "The food is yummy, the room is comfy and the staff is friendly." Highlights included the first half of the Rail Baron game (Tigger is currently ahead), and Critter sitting by a swimsuit model at our first breakfast.

Now to read a bit of LJ before I sleep...

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wish we could have made it down, but I'm glad you seem to be enjoying the trip.


It was so wonderful to meet you finally!

Is it obvious I still have it bad for Turnip? (ha ha, what a weird name)

I don't know if I've ever explained that to you. He named himself. When he joined the KYPolyList, in answer to the form letter question "mention something unusual about yourself" he said "I am a turnip." I latched on to it for a nickname shortly thereafter.

I really enjoyed dinner.

Bun is an absolute angel. He's such a good boy. He gets it from his mom, of course. ;)

It was great to meet you!

Thanks, I really enjoyed meeting all of you. :)

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