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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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PWP Day One

Up way too early for a Friday -- I did manage to nap until the alarm when I woke early. My bags are packed for the train now, except a few items carefully noted for after-laundry on Tuesday. Next on the list was the bathrooms, until I realized it was time to leave for early dismissal. Errands after I picked up Tigger included picking up my paycheck, dropping off laundry, depositing and cashing checks.

Once I got home I got distracted by clearing off the kitchen table, because frankly anything can distract me from toilets. When I finally got going, the bathrooms all went quickly until I got to the master bath. I was still finishing that one up with people started arriving to the party, but I managed to give it a decent once-over, including the shower.

C sliced up the spinach and chopped the onions for me, so I could right to making the peanut butter stew when I was done cleaning. Potluck dinner consisted of Peanut Butter Stew, veggie trays, fresh fruit and chocolate bread pudding. Lebif didn't get here until late, so Flar was barkeep for the evening. Binky helped me do clean up after the meal - he dried and put away serving dishes as I washed them, and he also scrubbed the stovetop.

Thunder and Tiger went on the supply run. By the time they got back I'd done with dishes, gotten nice and hot in the jacuzzi, and was in cool-off-enough-to-sleep mode, so I helped load the fridge naked. :)


Sleep came quickly curled up around Alaska and snuggled by Flar. The alarm went off far too early, only five hours after crawling in. Alaska had already gotten up, and Binky was in the kitchen, ready to work on Breakfast. He and Isolde cut fruit and then he turned bacon and sausage, while I cut up ingredients for omelets. Alaska made the first round of coffee. We had a reasonable turnout for breakfast, and quite capable kids - Critter, Rowan and FireMoon - whipped through cleanup, including replacing the plastic tablecloth.

The dogs have house privileges this weekend. So far, that's been working out, although Flood has gotten into two scraps with the Scotties, and I've got into one scrap with Flar over that.

On the whole, it's a pretty laid-back party to date.