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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Another quickie
10 minutes to midnight; if I'm quick I can get to bed at a reasonable hour.

My car is not happy with me. On the bright side, Knight's off work until after the party, and we're leaving town a couple of days after that. Knight has generously handed me the keys to his old car for me to drive tomorrow (while his new one is being detailed), and will make sure I get where I need to be the rest of this week. He and Flar will then work together to get my car in running order while I'm galavanting around the country with the boys. Yay! No stress.

Today I played with spray paint and rubber stamps and embossing powder and a heat gun and a glue gun and made pretties. I'm seriously thinking of starting up Tuesday craft nights, once a month. Ro and She_ and Knight were here. Knight kept us company while Ro made the t-shirt screen and all three of us worked on the tags.

Tigger's class party was today. They rode the school's bus to see Robots at a special showing at Woodhill, then they picnicked at Woodland park. I met Tigger there with lunch and a kickball, and visited with the other parents while the kids ran around the park.

I took the dogs to the vet this afternoon, where they were all very well behaved for getting their shots. I loaded up with a summer's worth of flea-tick-heartworm magic while I was there.

One or both of the scotties has been a might too friendly with a nearby skunk. At one point tonight, Flood was the only dog in the house, and the odor returned when we let the scotties back in... Fortunately, it appears to be a passing blow, not a full bore spray.

The kitchen table is still clean. The only thing cluttering the kitchen counter is the t-shirt screen, which needs to dry overnight. Ro is coming back tomorrow evening to finish up.

Tomorrow, I'm driving Tigger to school, as Flar has a very early morning meeting. Then I'm picking up Knight at Mr. Sparkle, and coming home.

I've got to:
  • Update Quicken
  • Inventory Supplies
  • Pick up Supplies at Sam's
  • Pick up Supplies at Kroger
  • Pick up Supplies at Lowe's
  • Pick up Tigger
  • Make Alaska's back window
  • Ready the Lincoln Room for guests
  • Change the sheets on my bed
  • Finish up the t-shirt screen with Ro
  • Work
This is why Knight takes off before the PWP -- to keep me from going insane. ;)

And now, for sleep.

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I'm tired just thinking about all you have to do for the party. One question: how do you make shirts? Do you have a machine or do you do it by hand? Does everyone just bring a shirt they want printed? Very cool idea btw.

We screen print shirts at the party. Everyone brings their own.

Ro hand-paints the design on the screen. She and I print the shirts, and we get other party guests to iron in the ink.

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