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in brief

Got 9 hours of sleep, but that still put me in the morning hours waking.

Got much laundry washed, dried, sorted and folded.

Kitchen still clean.

OS X still not printing; Quicken runs in Classic, which still prints, so I'm not screwed.

Didn't get the spray painting done - should have time in the morning before leaving the house.

Ooh, I cleaned out the freezer room today. It had gotten hard to get all the way to the chest freezer. Flar actually noticed: "Where did you put it all?"

Sorted Partylite order.

Errands: post office, bank, parts stores, jeweler, Ro's house, Sayre. Picked up a package, mailed an invoice, deposited a check, bought Slick 50 suite of treatments for my car, picked up charms for my nieces, dropped off candles, picked up Tigger.


Did I mention the laundry bits?

Tomorrow, Tigger has his class picnic. They get bussed to a movie, then to a park, where I can meet him for the picnic and take him home early afternoon. Then we take the dogs to the vet and then I'm having fun with Ro and maybe She_ in the evening. And doing more of The List.

Bed now.

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