Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug


I haven't been nearly as productive today, but Flar got lots done.

Critter and I went to church, and then we went to Jimmy John's sandwich shop with Berry and Taytay; Flar met us a little after we got there. I had one of their Un-Wiches: a regular sandwich, wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. The Un-Wich is successfully held together by a paper wrapping that one tears open as one eats.

After lunch, Critter and I swung by Dr. Bizer's to get his frames adjusted, then we went to Joseph-Beth, where I spent the $20 my mom gave me for mother's day (and a bit more). My summer reading pile over-floweth. ;) Critter talked me into helping him on the cost of an Airport Express, which looks like a power brick, except that the power cord is replaced by an led. It's currently acting as a network repeater in his room, and act to give us wireless access while we are traveling. I plan to make all the reservations for hotels that provide free hi-speed access, and those tend to provide wired connections.

After that, we picked up a few groceries, and then a few items at Wal-Mart. By the time we got home, it was almost 5. I talked to Flar about priorities for the day, and we settled on laundry, guest-room and spray painting. Then I remembered Tigger's homework, and it kind of all went down-hill from there.

Flar got half the jacuzzi clean, then discovered still-living ants under the far-side. He's sprayed, and will clean up the dead carcasses tomorrow, and finish cleaning the jacuzzi. The boys pressure-washed the filters for the jacuzzi, and for the water garden, but I think I'm going to have to drag out the bucket to pressure wash the lower filter, not just the upper one, as the frog didn't pick up much speed. Once they were done, Tigger washed the patio down and got all the algae out of the wading pool that we use to water the dogs. Then the power cord on the pressure washer broke.

Thursday night, we had a nice thunderstorm while we were at the movie, and the house took a brief power hit - enough to restart the Mac. While Appleworks was open. I could NOT start up Appleworks tonight when I tried. Critter figured out that it was choking on the recent items, and had me delete my user data folder. That worked, but then we couldn't get the printer to work. It will print a test page from the Lexmark utility. It will print from Classic applications (after I reset the permissions for the Classic harddrive, grr). Since my most common printing needs are Classic applications, I am going to think about this further in July, unless someone has some brilliant ideas.

Meanwhile, I've remembered that I've misplaced a 32MG picture card, and when I finally got around to looking in all the places I could think of that I might have put it, I came up blank. I've still got to check with Flar to see if he knows anything about it.

I hate losing things.

Well, gonna see if I can work on at least SOME of my list for the day....

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