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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Rest Break
I took a nice break from cleaning the house to clean Flood at the dogwash. While I was munching on some lunch after I got home, I talked with Flar a bit about what was taking up space on the kitchen table. He actually okayed my ditsy cleaning style of skipping about the house this time.

I asked him where he thought I should put stuff we'd be using at the party, and he suggested the white table, since it's on my list to clean it off. So I asked him about breaking from the kitchen table to clean the white table. When he agreed, I pointed out that this is how I end up cleaning all over the house at once -- there are so many dependencies. :)

I'm particularly good at cleaning when it means I'm avoiding something. Today I was avoiding the kitchen table, so I've got the white table cleaned off, which involved packing up my knitting machine for now. I cleaned off the washer and dryer, and prepped the screen for silk-screening. That is, as much as I could do before I go out and buy more masking tape. My part of cleaning the jacuzzi room is done; the floor is ready for Tigger to mop and the jacuzzi is ready for Flar to clean and fill tomorrow.

I thought all this would mean not finishing the kitchen table tonight, but I just finished breaking the ornery pile down into rational piles to deliver to various spots around the house. After I finish my break, I'll run things around the house, fix some dinner and then work on folding laundry while I watch more SG-1.

I'll be doing laundry as I go along. Right now I've got two baskets of my own clothes to fold and put away, then two baskets of clean to sort by person, before I can move more laundry along in the system. There's a huge pile of work towels to wash right now, but regular clothes are back to a manageable roar.

First LJ for more rest, then back to work...