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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Attack of the Sponges!
The only dirty dishes in this house are currently in the dishwasher, or hiding upstairs. There are plenty of clean dishes on the counter to put away in the morning, however.

Tomorrow I'm tackling the rest of the kitchen, the dogs, and the jacuzzi room.

Flar hates dealing with the hose, so I'll drain the jacuzzi, and he's planning to do the rest, especially since there were ants this spring. I haven't opened the top since they appeared, but they've stopped appearing. Don't know what that means about what we'll find under the cover. ;)

Since there is a rather ornery pile on the counter that came from the table, and a mini pile started in its place on the table, that is probably quite ambitious enough for the day. But, I may get a head of steam and Voom!

The scotties have an appointment at 10am, and I've got the Dogwash reserved for Flood for 3pm, so I've a couple of outings built into my day.

It only took two episodes of SG-1 to wash all the dishes in the house, and the broiler pan is remarkably easy to clean. It was an encouraging start.

Bed now. When normal people sleep.