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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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brief break
This weekend is designated cleaning-before-the-party-and-then-going-out-of-town for a month. Tell me again what idiot thought June would be a great month to take the train trip? Oh yeah, me.

I've a long list of various priorites that I'd like to accomplish before the party, and Flar didn't add anything to it. He created a list for himself, that took at least one thing off of it, in fact. Or, you could say he only added the super-list those things he wanted to do himself. ;)

Tonight, we cleared the jacuzzi off and around it, and took out the filters to soak in filter cleaning solution. Tomorrow, we'll drain the jacuzzi and re-fill it, and blast the filters with the pressure washer.

Flar made yummy ham steak with red-eye gravy for dinner, with a side of baked beans doctored by Critter. Tigger had popcorn. Critter is sleeping over with a friend tonight, and Tigger is having a friend over here tomorrow night.

I've caught up on LJ and am spending the rest of the night working in the kitchen. I won't be done until all the dishes are cleaned. Clearing off the ornery corner and the table are different items on the list. ;)

I had a nice long nap this afternoon, after spending the day out of the house. It was field-day at Sayre: five grades descended on Shelter #3 at Jacobsen park, and played picnic games like Sack Race from 9 am until 1:30, with two snack breaks and lunch. I sat under a shade tree and began reading a book that was in the car (yes, I actually forgot to read a book from my summer reading pile). We stopped at Sam's Club and the allergist on the way home.

Yesterday, I overslept the seminar I had intended to attend, then went to lunch with Flar, but not Berry. She forgot to put lunch on her calendar, but we've rescheduled for Sunday. I picked up some odds and ends at Michael's and then went to my therapist. We talked about this and that, and decided that in order to work on being able to control the tears, I should have a scheduled "sad" time. Since my next appointment is not until July, I'm going to wait on this one until after the party. But, it will be an excuse for another notebook. I'm a sucker for stationery.

Between bringing Tigger home and leaving for the movie, I washed whites and moved them (via jr remote) to the dryer, worked with Tigger on some homework, and looked around for a replacement guest for our guest-of ticket. No takers, but they refunded Ted's money. :)

Movie was good - I'll leave the review to others, but just say that I was expecting some of the scenes to be a bit more graphic from reading reviews in the paper.

I went in to work after the movie, thinking I'd just be taking an hour to image process queues, but there was a substantial queue still left to index, so I stayed later after all. All the better for my before-trip paycheck. :)

And now to the sink!

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is this the one that will bring you to LA? If so, when - so I can see if I can meet you :)

Yeppers. We're arriving in LA on Saturday morning, June 4th, and leaving in the afternoon on June 5.

Can I ask why Flar makes a list for you? I assume because you're home more than he is? I'm just curious why he's always making a list for you...do you make one for him? *wink wink*

No, I make lists. I just consult with Flar over whether I'm forgetting anything. It's a way of staving of the following:

I have in mind what i'm doing with my day or week or whatever time period, and then Flar asks me to do something that's top priority, but not already in my plans.

If I get his input when I'm making lists, I can plan better -- and if he DOES come up with something new later, he knows what he's pushing off.

In terms of jobs, I consider my job to be housewife, and my part-time job to be a second job. I consider my housewife duties to include a healthy dose of errand-running, as well as all the other stuff that naturally fits in with keeping the house running. When we talk about my lists, I've usually written lots and lots of stuff already. It's kind of like reading off the grocery list to him, to see if he wants something that's not on the list. It's also an opportunity to get his input on what he's planning to do himself, or what he considers low or high priority.

He asked me to make him a separate list, when we started talking about which things he'd be doing.

Oh, and we both get liberal use of the boys as helpers. :)

Well if nothing else its a way of communicating what needs to be done. Unfortunately LJ is so one-sided that we only hear the side of the person that is writing--unless, of course, you have a husband and wife on your FList.

Sounds to me like you have a lot going on this week w/the PWP happening soon. I hope everything goes off w/o a hitch! : )

Are you still coming out this way?

Yeppers. Getting into LA early morning Saturday June 4 (or whenever the train gets there, if there are delays), and leaving Sunday June 5 in the afternoon. We're planning to get Six Flags season passes so we can spend the day at Magic Mountain. I've got TBA dinner plans with Roy on Saturday night, of the "and anyone else who we get to join us" variety of dinner, that is.

Lori and Mick might also drive south to meet us while we're there.

I would very much like to meet you. Would you like to join us at Magic Mountain? Join us for TBA dinner with Roy? Meet up on Sunday before we leave?

I haven't made hotel or car reservations yet, or even investigated where the Amtrak station is with respect to anything else in the area. Suggestions from a local are welcomed. :)

Well, I have no idea where the Amtrak station is. Are you staying in LA? Given where Magic Mountain is and that Roy's fam is in the Valley, I'd assume you'd want to stay closer to there.

I'm booked for Sunday already and I'm thinking that Magic Mountain would be too hairy (and also, WAY too far) so maybe I could do the dinner thing? I think Roy and I are still friendly...

Dinner on Saturday sounds fine. Roy mentioned that he had a pleasant experience meeting up with you recently; I think dinner together would be fine.

We haven't settled on a place yet. I'm almost done with house stuff that needs doing before the party, then I go into before-trip mode...

Recently! What a card. That was what, back in December or something. I hadn't heard from him since so I kinda wondered. *sob* ;)

Anyway! Just let me know? Do you have my cell #?

Heh. In my book, that IS recently. ;)

To be truthful, I mostly hear from him when he's having his car worked on, and talking on the phone occurs to him as an avenue of amusement. ;)

I don't have your cell phone. Mine is 859-338-9245.

Thanks! If Roy and I actually make any plans before we hop on the train, I keep you in the loop. Otherwise I'll plan on calling from the train on Friday (the 3rd).

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