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Time is flying by

Monday was our 24th wedding anniversary. I made a bank/post office run, bought groceries, and finished updating quicken, in and around picking up Tigger and working. Flar and I managed a "passing ships" hug in the kitchen to acknowledge the day.

Tuesday I slept in, made another trip to the bank, made 3 dozen muffins, filled one heart of celery with peanut butter, and participated in the chess club party at school. I lay down for a twenty minute nap that turned into an hour nap, and Flar turned a tenderloin that I'd bought on sale into a yummy, South Beach friendly, anniversary feast. Panfried in a spicy sauce, served with asparagus, salad and toasted lemon pepper/cheese muffins. We shared the bottle of wine that Flar bought me for Christmas, and I was pretty much done for the evening.

Today I washed three loads of laundry in and around BSF, BSF luncheon, the car adventure, and working. I also folded and put away clean sheets and towels that had been waiting over a week for my attention.

The car adventure involved Knight riding with me to advise about getting the AC recharged while I got my oil changed. The Valvoline center on Nicholasville Road advertises that they do AC work, so I figured I'd just have it done there. Unfortunately, they don't have the sealant that Knight was recommending, without which it would be a waste to add freon. And they charge more than my usual place does for Max-Life. And they took twice as long to the do the work, and tried to sell me lots of unnecessary stuff.

It was completely not their fault that the oil filter they put on my car was defective, and they were prompt and polite and all those nice words, when it came to fixing it. I had gotten as far as Maxwell street before my car billowed white smoke and the oil pressure dropped to zero. I think it took about an hour all told, and two trips out from the oil place, but they got me fixed up with a working oil filter and more oil AND promised a check in the mail to cover what I'd paid today.

So, free oil change. But, still a hot car.

Meanwhile, Tigger got to do his reading homework, play n the playground, and eat an ice cream sandwich at extended day while he waited for me.

I indexed, double-keyed and image processed 6 short queues, started in indexing a nice long one, then image processed part of that and all of what Zee had indexed and double-keyed before I hit a roadblock trying to re-select the queue that still needed finishing. Corrupt database. Blech.

Caught up on LJ to the Sunday night, wrote this, and now i'll open a tabset to read sometime on Friday, no doubt....

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