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My weekend

Friday, on the way to pick up Tigger, I called for an appointment to get my hair cut "before the PWP." They had a appointment at 5:45, so I asked for that. I wasn't expecting to get one for the same day, but I figured it would be fun to have my hair done before the wedding. :)

But first, I had shopping to do. I picked up a Jumbo Nemo for the baby shower and finally gave up and bought a gift card for the wedding gift. Next time, I shop the registry on-line. Bed, Bath and Beyond does not make gift shopping easy.

In fact, I spent so much time in BB&B looking, that I ended up dropping off Flar's laundry and Tigger, hugging Flar good bye for his travels, picking up a Totino's that Critter baked for me, and turning back around to drive to the salon. I got there with just enough time to get settled before my appointment. Kept the bangs, lost the layers, lost a bunch of length. I now have a nice swingy hairstyle for the summer.

After I got home, I corralled the boys and even included the dogs. We piled into Tigger's room and tore it apart. The target was the floor. The only sorting categories were laundry, trash or box. By the time we were finished, we had boxes lining the entire back hall, and Tigger's room was almost clean. He still needs to clear off his dresser and desks, and we eventually need to reorganize his bookcase. We need to drag the Rainbow upstairs and tackle all the floors, not just his. But the difference was startling. And Tigger is confident that he can empty the boxes within the next two weeks.

After we were done, I told the boys that they could have the weekend to themselves. Then I packed for the wedding and baby shower and took a bubble bath before bed.

Saturday morning, I'd hoped to leave by 10:30, and instead got out at 11:30, plus I had a errand to run for Flar along the way. So it was time to turn around and head out to the wedding when I got to Hippychicx' house.

T is now married. She made a beautiful bride. The decorations were pretty, and the cake was delicious. There was dancing and sangria and mead and hearted-shaped rice. We stayed long enough to pelt the bride and groom and then headed out.

I had some things to take by to Camel and Sydb, so we ate lunch at a Chinese place in their neighborhood, and then drove by. We didn't get to visit, though, as it turned out to be nap-time. The sting of a porch-exchange was ameliorated by a chatty phone call later. At least I know the sting is in my head, no one else's.

Alaska wanted to pick up a gift her sister J, and we saw her parents and sister C at Toys R Us before we left. We headed back to her house so that she could fix up space for her sister T. Before bed, the four of us sat around drinking Mudslides and chatting, then C and Alaska and I watched some SG-1 before sleep.

Sunday morning we woke up with just enough time to shower, dress and wrap presents, before the shower. Then we sat around for ages, as about half the guests thought the party was starting an hour and half later. Baby B was passed around from Auntie to Gram to Gram to Gram to Auntie (I don't remember if he ever got to the third Auntie or not), but he certainly didn't lack for willing arms. J received lots of cute clothes for him, as well as toys and practical gifts. I think she perked up the most at getting the Baby Monitors that Alaska bought for her.

I couldn't stay long after the party, though, and headed back to Nicholasville. Flar got home before I did, and we had a nice chat before he headed up to his office to work, and then call Gaucha. He actually noticed my hair right away, but he wasn't terribly negative about it. ;)

I've got a partial grocery list to complete tomorrow, and paperwork stacked into piles to update quicken. Tonight and tomorrow will be
  • Updating Quicken
  • Baking Muffins
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cleaning the Dining Room
  • Work
I'm aiming to sleep when normal people do tonight, say from 11pm to 7am. We'll see how that works out. ;)

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