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Time is falling down on the job again

I've been doing a pretty decent job of getting 8 hours a night, but I'm in the sleepy part of my cycle, where I'd like 10 or 12. But getting enough sleep means I haven't been doing much of anything else.

Friday, I didn't hear Flar tell me there was a check to deposit, and he left it on the kitchen table. By the time I was in the kitchen, I didn't have time to deposit a check AND get to my review on time. So I left it for him to deposit. The other bit I didn't hear him tell me was about him driving to Cincy after his meeting with Source, so of course HE couldn't deposit it either. Two overdraft fees later, I get a nasty note from Flar.

I'm trying to figure out the least nasty way to respond to the note that actually addressing its complete useless inappropriateness. My first reaction: "roommates don't have nasty note privileges" seems too nasty and therefore self-convicting. Whatever.

I haven't done my bible study this week. I'm about to leave for church and wait quietly in the discussion room, missing out on hymn time. I'll either get some study time in, or at least be in a calmer place to listen to others.

The house is a mess, and I need to pick up some groceries, start in on laundry again, clean the kitchen table, update Quicken, tackle two very tough writing assignments and make at least one phone call I've been avoiding.

I'm still trying to figure out how a 3 hour drive (one direction) took 11 hours out of my day, but I did enjoy getting to ride in Candy and have dinner with Knight and Ro.

Wow. Being down makes me self-centered enough to write what looks horrible, without even blinking. The phone call is about insurance. I've another phone call I'm not avoiding, but I've been trying to find enough quality phone time to actually make. Sigh.

/me hugs myself.
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