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Mother's Day

My boys took care of me today. :) They woke me with breakfast in bed, a card and a CD of Spamalot. We even talked about the possibility of going up to NY from DC in June to see it. That would assume money happening, me thinks.

Money. Flar talked to me about money in bed this morning. Ick. Bad cash flow, no biscuit, but the potential for great heaping gobs. I wish I could be all happy and daydream about the possibilities but I see myself continuing to focus on the scrimping present.

Note the emotion: ish. See Bellwether by Connie Willis for reference.

The boys helped with work projects today. After I lolled in bed for a hedonistic amount of time, with SG-1 and pizza (yes, lunch in bed, too), I got up to "answer a few questions" to help Flar and Critter finish up the filing. Turns out all the questions were variations of "can we throw this away," until we eventually got to the piles that were all answered by "put them in my files in the black cabinet." The grey cabinet is for the "real" files, the black for personal stuff. I got to look through lots of old stuff, and threw lots of stuff away, and still managed to packrat a bunch, as well. The dining room is ready to clean (we're out of Pledge) and put out the summer tablecloth and candles. Yay!

Then it was Tigger's turn. He helped me clean out the water garden. The pump wasn't working, so Flar and I ran to Lowe's for a new pump, and picked up some water plants while we were there. We cleaned out lots and lots of gunk from the pond, then filled it with clean water, re-cludged the waterfall/frog water ratio, and placed all the plants. I will probably want more oxygenators and a flow regulator from the pond place. I planning to take Tigger after school one day this week, so he can pick out the fish. But for now, we have a clean water garden with a spitting frog. :)

I was pretty muddy after that, so I showered off quickly, before taking a very long bubble bath. At least one disk of SG-1, I think. ;) I also read for awhile, called my mom to wish her a happy mother's day, had a couple of very short calls with Alaska, and talked to Flar more about finances. I've my budgetary marching orders for the month, and a slightly better picture of where the money is and isn't coming from.

The boys fixed me London Broil, mashed cauliflower and steamed broccoli for dinner, with gumdrop cake for dessert. (It helps to have leftovers in the house.) Flar brought it to me, with a big glass of wine. Unfortunately, I stayed in the bath long enough to finish the whole thing. Thus reminding myself why I can't drink more than 6 oz. of wine. The migraine is probably adding to ish right about now.

And tomorrow night, I work the first night for my new rate. :) I don't have specific plans during the day, so I'm thinking of making the Peanut Butter Stew that I never got around to tackling over the weekend.


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