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damn, you people write a lot!

I should be napping. Driving caffeine says differently. Next appointment is scheduled for afternoon so I can actually sleep in the morning.

Cried. I don't think crying at the therapist should count as crying in the mood journal. Got a short education on the difference between assertive and aggressive. Two writing assignments, two weeks.

Caught up on my friends list with a healthy number of open tabs for looking at cuts or making comments, next on my to-do list. Then quicken, then laundry, then Critter to the doctor. His temp was 101+ when we took it yesterday at 6pm, and the appointment is to get a doctor's note to cross t's and dot i's for public school. I usually go with a day at home and see method of, but there you go. Need to call the school at some point today; I'm not planning on letting him go to school tomorrow, either.

At some point, pick up the baby gift.

Work tonight, so I don't have to think about dinner.

Tomorrow: 11am review at work (today is my anniversary); drive to Louisville to meet a new baby (and see my sweetie); pick up Tigger and T, whose mom is handling carline for me... dunno what else.

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